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For the tomato base we use San Marzano tomatoes D.O.P., the true Neapolitan variety, which are grown in the volcanic soil in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. We only use Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Cucina Di William. Produced by Roberto and Alessio at Fattoria Di Tullio in Loreto Aprutino. This is the finest olive oil we have found and it was a pleasure to be a small part of the 2018 & 2019 harvests. 

We are lucky to live in Norfolk, surrounded by some of the country’s best produce, much of which we use as our toppings. For example our Chorizo comes from Marsh Pig, one of the country's finest producers of Charcuterie. They hand make their award winning produce using local free range meat.

Our wood is sustainable and sourced from The Royal Sandringham estate, which is less than a mile from where we live. We burn only hardwood including Oak, Ash, Birch and on occasion fruit wood. This imparts a beautiful smoky flavour to the pizzas which cannot be replicated using a gas oven.

Our dough contains only 3 ingredients - flour, water and sea salt.

We use the age-old technique of raising the dough using a sourdough culture, rather than commercial yeast. This method is not easy and takes a long time (our dough is left to ferment for at least 36 hours). We believe however that it produces a far superior product, which has more flavour, is lighter and more easily digested.

We buy our flour from the Caputo Mill in Naples, which has been producing the finest pizza flour since 1924.

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